Retain your users and customers

Online businesses, stay ahead of churn!
Re-engage your at-risk customers knowing who
they are and why they may leave.

Retention made easy

Name Email Propensity Trend (%)
Mark Zuckerberg High 100% +
Tom Preston-Werner Low 80.3%
Bill Gates Medium 68.9%
Salomon Hykes High 14.1%


Each day, ChurnSpotter provides you with a list of named customers at risk of leaving your business in a foreseeable future.
Engaging with them proactively shall be your highest priority.

Email Propensity Trend (%)
marc.zuckerberg High 100% +
tom.preston-werner Low 80.3%
billgates Medium 68.9%
salomon High 14.1%


Engage your customers from your favorite service. ChurnSpotter connects with Salesforce, Intercom, Mixpanel, and many others via Zapier... you name it!! Reach out to your high risk customers now and get your business metrics back on track!

  • Re-engage with intercom
  • Re-engage with salesforce
  • Re-engage with mixpanel
  • Re-engage with intercom
  • Re-engage with salesforce
  • Re-engage with mixpanel
  • Boxofads likasz jasiak 0674cca93fe36f2e2aef666dc289d8ebf1c97811336451d4397098fb141bb959
    Luke Jasiak
    CEO & Co-founder @BoxOfAds
    I love churnspotter for what they do with our Kissmetrics data. Enhancing our Salesforce profile so our account managers know when and how to reactivate users that are likely to churn.
  • Jellynote baptiste poirier b45a69576d16769586a8bdaa44a1d897011a732e20afbdee8168244668be7e0e
    Baptiste Poirier
    Co-founder @Jellynote
    Thanks to ChurnSpotter's predictive targeting, we increased the performance of our user reactivation campaign by 67%. It also helped us narrow down those features driving stickiness. I love it.
  • Azendoo chris gagin a97d2e6f4c210e5c39879aee14bb10841dab199ba1427d968349830137011b9f
    Chris Gagin
    Co-founder & CTO @Azendoo
    ChurnSpotter greatly helps us prioritize our customer engagement initiatives, whether for retention, activation, or conversion. Via zapier, we connect to our intercom in just a few clicks. That's super easy!!

How it works


ChurnSpotter collects and crunches your analytics and payment data on-the-fly without any manual intervention.


Powered by disruptive machine learning technology, ChurnSpotter automatically surfaces every single churn signal in your data.


ChurnSpotter delivers timely and actionable insights that help you better engage your at-risk customers and retain them.

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